5 Things to Know Before Have a New Fence Installed

Expert Advice From a Reputable Fence Builder

White wood fenceA fence can provide security, offer protection from the elements, improve curb appeal of your home, and increase your privacy. Here are 10 useful things you should know before having a fence builder carry out your fencing project.

Know What You Want
Before you install a fence, ask yourself why you need one. If you need a fence for strictly utilitarian purpose, such as keeping your dog in the yard, you can likely get by with a simple chain-link fence. If you are looking to add privacy or block noise, you will want something solid and tall. Whatever its purpose, a fence can serve you in a number ways. It can protect your pets, while adding decorative element to the exterior of your property.

Choose Your Materials
The dream fence of most homeowners is a white picket fence. However, before you buy wood posts and white paint, think about the commitment you are making. Often, wood fences require occasional sealing or staining, and can rot and warp over time. If you don’t want to spend significant amount of time and money maintaining your fence, it is best to consider a low-maintenance. Vinyl is an excellent choice, as it offers the look of wood without its upkeep requirements. Other material options include steel, aluminum, bamboo, and wrought iron. Continue reading

Fences – Use, Styles, Materials

Some Useful Information, Suggested by an Expert Fence Builder

Fences are available in a wide range of materials, types, and styles. Any property owner should take the time to find out a bit more about his or her options before they start planning their fencing projects. If you are interested in finding a reputable and well qualified fence builder to help you choose the most appropriate fence type and style for your home or business facility, make sure to consult Starline Fence & Guard Rail, of New Britain, CT.

wood fence in a gardenFENCE USES
Fences may be installed for a number of purposes, including:

– Privacy
– Security
– To prevent snow
– Decorative purposes
– As an element of your landscaping
– To restrain horses and other livestock
– To protect yards, industrial properties, airfields, facilities with high-voltage equipment as well as areas with fixed machinery
– To restrict the access to pools, playgrounds, etc. Continue reading